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Academic Year Program Information

Infant Program

(Ages 6 weeks through 18 months)

Pre-Kindergarten Program

(Ages 4 to 5 1/2 years)

Toddler Program

(Ages as young as 15 months to 2 years)

Kindergarten Enrichment

1/2 Day Program

(Ages 5 to 6 years)


(Ages 2 years to 3 years)

Before / After Care

(Ages 5 years to 13 years)


(Ages 3 to 4 1/2 years)


(Whole School)



Thank you for visiting our website!  All Day Learning Centers is a full-day childcare center for children 6 weeks through 13 years of age.  Space permitting, we accept full and part-time students (minimum 3 half days per week.)  For our younger students, the goal of our curriculum programs is to provide an excellent learning environment, which will help our students become emotionally, socially, and academically ready as they enter Kindergarten.  For our older students, we offer programs to help get students on and off the correct public school buses,  to help them complete their homework, and to offer safe and fun activities with which to socialize with fellow classmates. 


Our programs are based on each child's amazing ability to learn and grow.  We offer a safe and secure facility, caring teachers, and carefully planned activities that bring out a child's natural creativity and curiosity!  Our programs challenge our students with structured play, carefully designed artistic projects, and age-appropriate activities that allow them to learn through play.


Our programs begin for students as young as infants, and continue through for students old enough to participate in Kindergarten-Enrichment.  Up to the age of 13, we accept students in First grade and above in our Before School Care and After School Care programs.  At the youngest ages, our programs focus on safety, proper care, and positive attention.  However, our curriculum does include "tummy time", using a rattle, and other activities meant to improve gross motor skills.  Also, even at the youngest ages we make sure to read to our students to ensure they become used to hearing the spoken language. 


As children become older and progress to higher level classrooms, our focus shifts to encouraging creativity, learning shapes and colors, and learning letters, numbers, days of the week, weather, holidays, and much more.  By the time our students reach our Preschool Program, our program attempts to closely match the curriculum taught in the Montgomery and Hillsborough school district Kindergarten programs.  Our goal is give each of our students an advantage as they progress to Kindergarten.


Daily Routines

Daily class work includes;  cooperation skills, listening and following directions, visual perception, hand/eye coordination, reading and math readiness, science and social studies appropriate for individual classrooms.   Hands-on activities encourage the use of these skills through Teacher directed and child play activities.


Creative movement and music are exceptional tools in teaching the young child.  This does not imply running and jumping around without purpose, but rather, a guided use of movement with particular goals in mind.  Music and movement is taught within the classroom.


Play has an important part in achieving our goals; therefore a member of the professional team in each classrooms will be interrelating with the children at all times during play.  This play can be guided so that the child feels a sense of accomplishment and growth.  Outside play is also encouraged.


Sign Language

Sign Language is taught in our youngest classrooms, including the Infant, Toddler, and Prepper programs.  Typically, children exposed to Sign Language at an early age will learn it just as they would a spoken language.  It can be beneficial for any child to know for a number of reasons.  However, it can be particularly beneficial for students that are either speech delayed, or simply too young to convey certain concepts verbally.  Giving students the ability to communicate helps them avoid frustration and helps our teachers provide better care.  Our program entails consistent usage and teaching of the same Signs among the three classrooms.  Parents may receive a copy of our curriculum program, and are are encouraged to work with their children at home to practice using the Signs.


Character Education

Character Education teaches children concepts that will help them as they mature.  Our program closely follows the Montgomery and Hillsborough Character Education programs.  A new "Pillar" of Character Education is introduced at the beginning of each month.  For example, one of the Pillars we teach is "Responsibility".  Students will start the month discussing what it means to be "responsible".  Related art work expressing the concept will be done by the students, then put-up around the classrooms as decoration, and as reminders for the respective month's pillar.  Each day, teachers will discuss one facet of the pillar.  For example, they may say, "As part of being responsible, today each of you will need to put back your toys after you are done playing with them."  In this way, students understand and experience what it means to be a "responsible" student.  For enrolled students, a listing of concepts to be covered can be obtained from any of our Lead Teachers. 


Summer Program

Besides the academic school year, we also offer a full-time summer program.  Our program begins in late June shortly following the endings of the district school years, and ends in late August shortly before the district school years resume.  There are no changes to school hours of operation over the summer. 


Our summer program includes the following:

  • Exciting weekly activity themes

  • Day trips to various kid-friendly destinations such as Adventure Aquarium, Crayola Factory, bowling, Liberty Science Center, RVCC Planitarium, Turtle Back Zoo, and more. 

  • Summer Fun with weekly water play activities, such as water balloons and wet sponge races.

  • We offer gardening activities in our "Green Thumb Club".  Campers can help grow and maintain a vegetable garden, and will be able to home extra vegetables to share with their families. 

  • We invited special guests to do fun and educational programs, such as The Lizard Guy, The Singing Cowboy, magicians, Art Attack art program, and others.

  • Our program is very flexible and you can sign your child up for any number of weeks.  Please see the Director for details. 

General Information

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, 6:45am to 6:30pm. 

We are open year-round, except major holidays. 



Montgomery and Hillsborough school districts transport to and from our school from the following nearby public schools:



  • Woods Road School

  • Auten Road School

  • Amsterdam



  • Orchard Hill Elementary

  • Village School

  • Lower Middle School

  • Upper Middle School

Our school has its own minivan that is used to transport students to and from some of those schools when a district school bus is not available.  Please contact the Director for details and pricing. 


Family Involvement

We involve parents every step of the way.  We offer "Parents' Night Out", art shows, concerts, pot-luck dinners, a Parent Advisory Board, special events, and many other opportunities for parents to be involved in the school, to be involved with their children's education, and to help bring families together. 



See us in action!



Infant/ Toddler Playground


Middle Playground


Pre-Schooler Playground


After-Schooler Playground


Our Advantages

  • Our focus is on education.  We coordinate with local school districts to ensure our program teaches the skills necessary for our students to excel once they enter Kindergarten. 

  • We have an excellent facility, which includes a webcam system, a door security system, and a fully equipped outdoor playground.

  • We are well established in the community, and have been providing quality education since 1972. 

  • Our staff is comprised of long-term caring teachers.

  • We are family owned so your tuition does not include expensive franchise fees.

  • Space permitting, we accept part-time students as well as full-time.

  • We offer a summer program and are open year-round. 

  • Our location offers easy access from Route 206.  (See Directions)

  • We offer convenient hours.  You can drop-off your child as early as 6:45am, and pick-up as late as 6:30pm.

  • We involve parents every step of the way.  We offer "Mom's Night Out", "Dad's Night Out", "Parents' Night Out", art shows, concerts, pot-luck dinners, a Parent Advisory Board, special events, and other opportunities for parents to be involved in the school and meet other parents. 

Here Is What Our Parents Have To Say…

“ADLC has been my three children’s home away from home for the last 3 years.  We have had our children at numerous schools within the area but ADLC has a unique approach which we like better than all the rest.  They are very family-focused with lots of fun activities for the children and families from concerts to parties and parades!  These are excellent opportunities to get to know the other families better and for your children to make lasting friendships.”

– Carolyn N., Belle Mead


“Our son Abhishek has been with All Day Learning Centers since he was 6 weeks.  All Day Learning Centers has met every need of our son and family.  The staff and administrators are loving, caring, and giving.  Thank you ADLC!”

– Kasturi K., Belle Mead


“Zachary loves it at All Day Learning Centers.  Since he started here in January, Zachary has shown a huge interest in writing.  He now recognizes all the letters of the alphabet and knows each letter sound.  The extra activities keep each day exciting and interesting for him.  My husband and I know that Zach is in good hands at All Day Learning Centers”. 

– Kelly S, Hillsborough, NJ


“Spencer enjoys his time with the teachers and his classmates.  Activities are great in variety with learning curriculum, Spanish class, play yard, soccer, parades, art, story visitors and trips.  He enjoys playing with other children, learning discipline even when he resists.  He looks forward to making his teachers proud.  I think that he is free to be himself and I the same.  I can communicate with the teachers and Peggy, our Director, is always available when I have questions.  The staff makes a team effort to making these kids happy. “

– Maria R., Belle Mead, NJ


“We’ve been more than satisfied with the care that our son receives at All Day Learning Centers.  The curriculum incorporates organized activities with free play and group activities, and is developmentally appropriate.  It is clear that the teachers really like and enjoy the children.”

– Susan and Joe F., Hillsborough, NJ


“My son has been with ADLC since Pre-K and now attends the aftercare program.  We are so pleased with the level of care he has received over the years, we could think of no better place to enroll our infant.  Both of our children are happy and we are very satisfied with the friendly staff and excellent curriculum.”

– Marisa N., Belle Mead


“As a first-time Mom who had to make the decision to put my son in daycare at All Day Learning Centers when he was only 6 weeks old.  I am very grateful for the installation of Webcams.  Now we will be able to see our little darlings while we are away from them during the day.  Thank you!”

– Annie Ritter, Hillsborough, NJ


“Our children have been with All Day Learning Centers since they were 4 and 6 months old.  The staff is loving, caring, and teaches the children throughout the day.  Our children love school so much they ask to go to school on the weekends.  They always come home smiling, laughing and singing songs.  Our eldest walks us through the events of her day at the dinner table each evening.  It brightens up all of our days to be associated with All Day Learning Centers”. 

– Anita P., Belle Mead, NJ


“My kids have been going to All Day Learning Centers since they were 1 and 3 years old.  They love it.  We really get a sense of an extended family when we are at school.  Everyone is very loving and professional.  The curriculum really focuses on the children’s “all around” development; academically and socially.  It’s a real pleasure having our children at All Day Learning Centers.”

– Mercedes S., Hillsborough


“When we moved to the area, what sold me on All Day Learning Centers was how family-oriented the school is.  Five years later, we are still there, and very happy with the teachers, the curriculum, the events, and activities.  ADLC has seen three of my children grow, learn, and go off to Kindergarten and beyond.  The school has also supported us through the birth of our fourth child, who loves her Intermediate classroom.  Our kids have been in every single room, with all teachers, and enjoyed each.  The Owners of the school are incredibly accessible and open to feedback, questions, and suggestions.  They will work with you to make sure your child’s needs are met.  The Owners also go above and beyond, hosting special concerts, parties, parades, and events throughout the year.”

– Karen C., Belle Mead


“We have been with ADLC for about 2 years.  Our son started when he was 1 and our daughter started at 6 weeks.  We are so pleased with what our son is learning and how the teachers create a warm environment.  Taking our daughter at 6 weeks was hard for us, but the teachers at ADLC gave her so much love that she smiles everyday that she goes.  We are so pleased with every aspect of ADLC and feel that the school’s flexibility really caters to working parents. We are so thankful for all they do and are pleased to have our kids at ADLC!” – Kristen & Scott S., Belle Mead

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